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Spotlight: Khantei Sok, Your GM at Khéma La Poste

She’s a familiar face to many of you, and she has a great story to tell. [Adapted from an article in Cambodge Mag:éussir International Women’s Day gave us on […]

Bringing Back the Business Lunch!

Business is back in business in Cambodia, which means that the business lunch is back too. But with everyone still keeping an eye on budgets, that doesn’t mean that the […]

A Celebration of Camembert

“For the most part, I try to be healthy and eat good things, but if you give me a baguette and some Camembert, I’m gonna eat it.” Gwyneth Paltrow. While […]

We’re Flipping out for Chandeleur

To celebrate Chandelure this February 2, Khéma is offering a licence to indulge in one of France’s iconic culinary offerings, the heavenly Crêpe, with a delicious range of sweet and […]

Valentine’s Day ~ Love Bites…

As many as half of all couples are planning to do something special this Valentine’s Day. Most of them are going out for a romantic dinner (don’t forget to book […]

Galette des Rois: Your Chance to Reign and Shine

Galette des Rois available at Khéma

A delicious combination of puff pastry and almond cream, the Galette des Rois (“King Cake”) occupies a special place in French hearts, and bellies. Christmas is one of those feasts […]

Le Rousseau — Simple, but Divine

Two years ago, Khéma launched the first of its own range of branded artisan cheeses, Le Rousseau, a simple Fromage Frais named in honour of dairy consultant Nicolas Rousseau who […]

The best of France with Franck at Khéma

If you’ve been visiting Khéma Pasteur over the last few days, you may have noticed a fresh-faced Frenchman in chef’s whites about the place. And if you haven’t been introduced […]