Thalias Hospitality

Cuisine des Cinq: A Five-Star fine-dining Feast at Topaz

At Thalias, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to bring you unforgettable gastronomic experiences. This time, we’re offering something truly special: A unique fine dining event that brings together the expertise […]

Bringing Back the Business Lunch!

Business is back in business in Cambodia, which means that the business lunch is back too. But with everyone still keeping an eye on budgets, that doesn’t mean that the […]

Valentine’s Day ~ Love Bites…

As many as half of all couples are planning to do something special this Valentine’s Day. Most of them are going out for a romantic dinner (don’t forget to book […]

Unreasonable Hospitality is the Future

Everyone who wants to run a business, any business but especially a service business, should work in restaurants for a while. It’s like a bootcamp in human relations and management […]

A Slice of the Very Best Life

Iberian black pigs in the mountain forests of southern Spain

Made from the cured meat of Iberian black pigs that have grazed freely in the mountain forests of southern and western Spain, Pata Negra de Bellota is no ordinary ham […]

Spoons Out! It’s Mont d’Or Season…

Mont d’Or is revered in France almost like no other cheese is, and there’s a good reason why that is! While many consider the Christmas Celebration season an excellent reason […]

One Ingredient to Bind Them: Foie Gras

Le fois gras poêlé - Topaz.

There are few things more quintessentially French than a sublime sliver of silky smooth foie gras perched atop a slice of crisp baguette. This luxurious “fat liver” is one of […]