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Thalias Hospitality Group has established a reputation for excellence in Phnom Penh’s dining scene, with a collection of highly regarded restaurants, deli-shops, and bakeries that provide exceptional cuisine and enlightened hospitality. CEO Arnaud Darc founded the company in 1997 with the opening of Topaz Restaurant, and it has since expanded beyond the confines of its dining establishments. Alongside creating renowned eateries like Malis and Khema, THG offers operational consulting services and operates a multifaceted catering and events division. With operations in Siem Reap, this dynamic company has earned multiple awards and numerous accolades for its distinctive approach to hospitality.

Topaz welcomes you for a genuine French fine-dining experience with exquisite flavours and authentic taste combinations of ultra-fresh and exceptional ingredients.

Khéma’s boutique eateries combine an on-site café, bakery, restaurant and delicatessen. A wide range of imported cheeses and house-made delights fill each counter.

Malis is a high-end Cambodian restaurant which boasts a : “Living Cambodian Cuisine” in the heart of Phnom Penh in a beautiful fountain garden surrounded by indoor seating. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Mr Sin Sindeth, Deputy Director of the CCF at the Ministry of Commerce

New Law on Food Security: Sin Sideth, “Ensuring food safety, a very heavy responsibility”

At the forum on food safety organized by the Cambodia Restaurant Association at the end of July at the Sofitel in Phnom Penh, Mr. Sin Sindeth, Deputy Director of the CCF at the Ministry of Commerce, was the first to open the proceedings after the introductory speech by the association’s President, Mr. Arnaud Darc. A very long speech, during which the Deputy Director addressed several subjects: the objectives of the law, the factors which influenced its creation, controls, the role of the press and the responsibilities of the players in the sector, the government, but also the consumer. The CCF,…

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Leakhena Gauquelin des Pallières. Photo supplied

Thalias supports PSE, let’s talk with Leakhena des Pallières

At Thalias Hospitality, we’re proud to have shared many milestones with PSE. Over the years, we’ve not just sponsored numerous events but also found incredible talents from this amazing community. Today, we wish to celebrate Mamie and the incredible difference she made. With the help of Thalias, her birthday will be celebrated the 16th of...

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The Historical Journey of Dim Sum: A Staple of Chinese Cuisine

Dim sum, a culinary tradition that has stood the test of time, originated in southern China and has since spread across the globe. This timeless food has a rich history and has evolved into a beloved international cuisine. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history and culture surrounding dim sum, and how it...

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