Thalias Hospitality

Are You Embracing Equity for International Women’s Day

“Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all Embrace Equity.” We’re not as used to hearing the word ‘equity’ in relation to the longstanding campaign for women’s rights. Historically, that has been ruled by a desire to achieve ‘equality’. But while the battle for equality goes on, it can’t really be won until the issues raised by equity are addressed. This refers to fairness, justice and impartiality and, as such, carves out a far more effective and realistic path to securing necessary rights, recognition and equality for women all over the world. While equality means providing the same to all, equity recognises that people don’t all start out from the same place and therefore the same things do not necessarily mean the same thing to them. It’s about everybody getting what they need to improve the quality of their situation, and as much as that can be very different between men and women, it can be different from woman to woman too. Equality remains the goal. Equity is how we get there. We have recognised this at Thalias for some time. While we are not in a position to uniquely tailor the training and support that we make available to all our team members, we do make sure they get the support and training that they need and ask for. It’s one of the reasons women have been so tremendously successful in this company, and will always continue to be so. But it’s not just about what employers can do. Everyone has a role to play in promoting equity in the world around them. It takes courage to challenge gender stereotypes when we encounter them, or discrimination or bias, but it can be done. Positive change comes from an accumulation of tiny acts that might seem insignificant in the moment, but added together become an irresistible force for change, and a better, happier, world for everyone. We celebrate the achievements of all the women who work for Thalias, but we also celebrate what those achievements mean for the people in their lives, their families, friends and co-workers alike. Because we really believe that every successful woman helps to clear the path for all the women coming up behind her. Success is contagious, and her impact will be felt and lived for generations to come. And if you’d like to celebrate the women in your life, then what better way than a sublime evening out at Topaz, or perhaps take a moment that’s really worth savouring with an Afternoon Tea at Khéma. Let her or them know how much you value them. #International Women’s Day