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In the kitchen &Topaz TheCommune: Sous-chef Sreyneath PECH, showing creativity and mastering challenges.

Sreyneath PECH is the sous-chef at Topaz TheCommune, a position with many responsibilities for three months now. This is a strategic position, essential for the smooth running of operations.  The role of the sous-chef A sous-chef is considered to be the second-in-command of a kitchen, reporting directly to the head chef. Sreyneath is responsible for preparing and presenting the food on the plate, maintaining order within her team, training new staff, drawing up the work schedule and ensuring that all dishes served to customers meet the strictest standards. The sous-chef is also responsible for overseeing the maintenance of all kitchen equipment, which requires a thorough knowledge of the use of all kitchen appliances and instruments. Sreyneath is also responsible for staff discipline and for preparing guidelines to encourage her staff to follow the basic rules and motivate them to work efficiently. She must ensure that downtime is used for preparation, cleaning and other kitchen tasks, and is also responsible for the inventory and tasting of menus, while ensuring that safety measures and health regulations are complied with to guarantee a safe and clean working environment.  Sous-chef Sreyneath  After studying Food and Beverage for a year at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (NPIC), she joined the Thalias Group at Topaz Norodom in 2012 as a commis de cuisine and then sous-chef in the same restaurant. Sreyneath is passionate about cooking and believes the Thalias Hospitality Group is the best environment in which to learn and grow in the world of quality cuisine. Topaz The Commune is undoubtedly an incredible experience for creating and developing. In the field, creativity and challenges    Sreyneath PECH works closely with Executive Chef Phyra HEM, acting as the latter’s right-hand man and driving force for all the teams. New, creative and supervisory, Sreyneath PECH confidently navigates between the preparation of dishes, final supervision and encourages teamwork within the various kitchen preparation stations. This is her chance to share her knowledge and be a driving force behind the creation of dishes for new menus. In contrast to her previous roles, where she was responsible for a specific kitchen section, at Topaz TheCommune, Sreyneath PECH can apply her knowledge across the entire kitchen with responsibility and organisation. The Sous-Chef supervises the kitchen staff, regardless of their position.   Behind the stove, between know-how and gastronomic techniques  At Topaz TheCommune, the kitchen worktops are organised by type of dish (starter, main course and dessert). Each culinary proposal on the menu has its own uniqueness, its own codes and its own challenges. On a personal note, she says she really enjoys working on the Niçoise salad, a very well-known dish that requires a certain technique. As for the main course, she says she loves working with filet mignon with morel sauce (tenderloin with morel sauce). She believes that each new dish tells a story to the customers and takes them on a unique culinary experience. In the luxury restaurant business, that’s absolutely crucial.  Topaz TheCommune, a place that creates opportunities  Topaz TheCommune is a genuine motivation for all its employees and managers to take up challenges, increase and pass on knowledge, and become an essential cog in the smooth running of the service. It’s a real driving force for customer satisfaction and career development. Engage with Us  Subscribe to Thalias Newsletter: Enjoy exclusive offers, event invitations, and culinary insights. Subscribe Here  Reserve Your Table at Topaz TheCommune: Experience fine dining redefined. Make a Reservation with ease and discover instant booking perks.  Discover More: For a deeper dive into our culinary universe. Visit Our Website