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Malis & Recipe : Famous and traditional Khmer Prahok Ktis

This incredible dish is made with Cambodian fermented fish, kroeng, minced pork, pea eggplant, chili and coconut milk. It’s a true signature Malis dish, served fresh with crispy vegetable and rice crackers. This Malis recipe is truly unique and we highly recommend trying it in our beautiful venue! However, if you’re the kind of person who loves to cook and try new recipes, especially those that are a little bit different, you can absolutely make a prahok in your kitchen with a little patience and attention to detail. There are so many incredible recipes for prahok, this amazing fermented fish paste that is so popular in Cambodia! For those who like spicy dishes that are a little more sophisticated than the simple prahok made with fish, a little brisket and eggs, here is a recipe for prahok ktiss, a more difficult dish but so delicious! The proportions and ingredients are given as a guide, so you can adjust them to suit your own tastes! This recipe is perfect for two to three people! Ingredients  200 grams fish brine  500 grams pork belly  200 grams Prahok (available in all markets)  100 grams dried prawns  600 ml coconut milk  5 grams lemongrass  100 grams red chillies  5 grams garlic  200 grams tamarind  200 grams sugar  1 teaspoon salt  Assorted fresh vegetables: green beans, aubergine, cucumber and others to taste  Preparation  Crush the fish and prawns into crumbs with a pestle.  Mix the prawns and fish together and leave to rest.  Cut the pork into pieces  Clean the chillies and crush in a pestle with the lemongrass  Mix the water with the ripe tamarind and collect the juice  Fry the chillies  Cook 300 ml of coconut milk, add the chillies and stir gently, leaving the mixture to cook over a medium heat.  Add the pork to the mixture, stir gently and leave to cook.  Add the prawns and fish to the mixture  Stir until the mixture is smooth, then add the Prahok  Add sugar and salt and add 300 ml coconut milk and leave to cook moderately for 10 minutes.  Add the tamarind juice and cook for a further five minutes.  Serve with white rice and a selection of fresh, uncooked vegetables  Engage with Us  Subscribe to Thalias Newsletter: Enjoy exclusive offers, event invitations, and culinary insights. Subscribe Here  Reserve Your Table at Malis : Experience Living Khmer cuisine. Make a Reservation with ease and discover instant booking perks.  Discover More: For a deeper dive into our culinary universe. Visit Our Website