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Bon appétit: Treat yourself to a truly delightful Business Lunch experience at Topaz The Commune

Just a few steps up from The Commune in Toul Kork, the Topaz TheCommune restaurant offers a genuine invitation to refined French cuisine. With its blend of traditional gastronomy, elegance and vegetarian options, TheCommune is very much in tune with the times, with creative menus that retain the codes of French gastronomy.  Steamed fillet of grouper with seafood gratin, red pepper sauce, spring vegetables and green herb emulsion. This time, we tried two incredible dishes from the business lunch that the establishment offers every day for a modest sum, with options ranging from only 25 to 33 US dollars.  Steamed fillet of grouper with seafood gratin, red pepper sauce, spring vegetables and green herb emulsion  This deliciously mild steamed white fish is both comforting and gourmet thanks to its incredible seafood gratin, which goes perfectly with the fish fillet while adding a touch of finesse to every lippée.      The fish is absolutely melt-in-the-mouth delicious, and it’s accompanied by a few small spring vegetables, carrots, onions, celery and mushrooms, all topped with a green herb emulsion. The dish is finished off perfectly with a red pepper sauce that has an almost sweet flavour, making it a truly delicious combination.  Chocolate mango banana crêpe with light chocolate cream and vanilla ice cream  The origins of the crêpe    The crêpe has a fascinating history, dating back to ancient times when it was already a popular dish. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans loved to prepare pancakes made from wheat, barley or millet flour, often topped with honey or fromage frais! In ancient Greece, pancakes were even used in religious offerings and cooked on altars in honour of the gods – how incredible is that? The Romans, for their part, offered pancakes during celebrations of fertility and prosperity, such as the “festival of Lupercalia”. But the world over, the pancake is regarded as a symbolic food, as in China with the “spring pancake” and its round shape symbolising union and fullness to celebrate the arrival of spring, called “linchun”!  Although pancakes were mainly savoury, sweet pancakes gained in popularity, having been a favourite dish at the King’s Court. Over time, recipes for sweet and savoury crêpes have evolved, and they’ve only gotten better! Their popularity continues to grow, like that of Topaz TheCommune, which is unique, light, and comforting.  The elegant and refined crêpe Made In Topaz TheCommune  This stylish chocolate crêpe roll is a real treat! It’s packed with finesse and is sure to delight your taste buds. Then, on top of this fruity, balanced mango-banana jelly, the combination of their sugars becomes one – a truly delicious experience!  The crêpe is made softer by the freshness of the ice cream and the strength of the vanilla flavour, giving rise to a perfect balance between the crêpe and the fruit. It’s a delightfully delicate and sophisticated combination!  Topaz The Commune is the perfect place to discover delicious new tastes. Its innovative flavours will delight the taste buds and its unique setting will delight the eye. It’s the place to go for excellence! And at prices that are simply unbeatable for such high-quality cuisine!  Engage with Us  Subscribe to Thalias Newsletter: Enjoy exclusive offers, event invitations, and culinary insights. Subscribe Here  Reserve Your Table at Topaz TheCommune: Experience fine dining redefined. Make a Reservation with ease and discover instant booking perks.  Discover More: For a deeper dive into our culinary universe. Visit Our Website