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Luxury & Tourism: Arunreas, at the heart of the Khmer dawn

Arunreas, literally the dawn or the rising day, has been a precious concept since the ancient times of Khmer civilisation, a tribute to Surya, the Vedic god of the sun, who, in harmony with the moon, gives rhythm to the cycles of nature and mortals in the Buddhist religion and the Khmer calendar. In this building, formerly the home of the American Embassy in Phnom Penh, Arnaud Darc, wanted to create there a unique and ambitious concept combining luxury, tradition and contemporary art.  Les passerelles du temps  The original idea was to create a hotel project that would harmoniously blend contemporary elements with symbols of the purest Khmer tradition, hand-carved by Khmer artists. The entrance to the building faces the sunrise, symbolising the beginning of the day. And, importantly, as tradition dictates, each part of the building, and therefore its guests, are also protected by a deity, like here (photo below), above the entrance to the building, the god Ganesh, deity who removes obstacles, but also god of wisdom, intelligence, education and prudence.  Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Pârvatî, the husband of Siddhi (success), Buddhi (intellect) and Riddhî (wealth).  It is the hotel lobby that perhaps best illustrates the concept of bridging the ages. While the walls are adorned with sculptures and bas-reliefs carved in the spirit of Angkor and skilfully accentuated by subtle lighting, the furniture, tables and sofas are resolutely modern, confined to almost neutral tones so as to provide a far greater contrast to the ochre, earth and copper sculptures above.  The hotel constantly plays with the aesthetics of the contemporary and the old, both inside and out, and also in the more neutral areas, such as the corridors, which are sometimes neglected in hotel decoration. Here, for example, a deity watches over the hotel rooms, with paintings by contemporary Cambodian artist Chhim Sothy. The Arunreas corridors, decorated in keeping with the spirit and soul of the Arunreas luxury hotel.  The rooms also reflect this quest for harmony and aesthetics at the crossroads of styles. The bas-reliefs and wall sculptures are complemented by the silks that adorn the beds and armchairs, and the same delicate lighting. But the divine surprise is just a few steps away…  The Arunreas Suites offer all the comforts of a luxury hotel, with an emphasis on the aesthetics inherent in the concept :  A space of tranquillity with a mural sculpture depicting scenes of bathing from the Angkorian period, the bathroom offers two areas, one for the bath and the other for the shower, with the recurring presence of traditional murals integrated into a modernly designed space that also enjoys natural lighting.  Arunreas is not only an original and unique experience in Phnom Penh. It is also a hotel that has become very popular with business travellers from all over Asia. In addition to the comforts of a luxury hotel, Arunreas offers a range of services to ensure that business travellers feel they are in an environment conducive to both work and relaxation. Located in the heart of the city, just a few hundred metres from the main boulevards, Arunreas is the ideal base for those whose time is precious.   Subscribe to Thalias Newsletter Arunrease Facebook Page: