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Restaurant & Topaz: What about the children?

It’s a problem that sometimes arises: what to choose from the menu of our favourite restaurant when we’re accompanied by our children. 

Either they nibble on our plates, or they are reluctant to eat food that is different in presentation and flavour. Either they wouldn’t dare to eat or do so without really appreciating it, or – not really a good alternative – they don’t eat. Either way, the mood of the meal can suffer accordingly. Beyond these practical considerations, it’s clear that children not only need to eat, but they also need to eat well and be introduced to a slightly more sophisticated diet from time to time. This will undoubtedly teach them to love good food!

Healthy choice from the plant based menu

Topaz is one of those restaurants that considers children to be customers in their own right, and its menu includes a number of dishes at very affordable prices, such as spaghetti, soup, salad, tartare, fish and other dishes that allow you to create a balanced and fun menu for your children. With advance notice, the team can also prepare an even more ‘youthful’ menu, such as fresh mashed potatoes or other dishes for the very young. 

Very happy with the fruit salad and sorbet

There’s absolutely no need to worry about taking the kids out for a family meal at this gastronomic mecca in Phnom Penh! As for lunch, it’s even easier, as many dishes are perfectly balanced, so you can suggest to your toddler a delicious onion soup (à la carte) or a vegetable tart (vegetarian menu). We tried this out with young Eurasian Antonio, who is used to Asian cuisine at home, and he loved it! He enjoyed a very French and tasty onion soup, the famous vegetable tart and fried rice. As for the  desserts, they were all so good that we didn’t have to advise our dear little offspring, as each one was more appetising than the next.

Happy kid wishing to thank the Topaz management

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