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Economic diplomacy: Thalias supports the 2024 France-Cambodia Business Forum

As for the previous edition, the Thalias Group is one of the main sponsors of the 2024 edition of the France Cambodia Business Forum.  

Already in 2022, when the first edition was launched, the Thalias Group was a partner of this event designed to strengthen ties between the French and Cambodian business communities, while giving potential French investors the opportunity to grasp the realities of the Cambodian market. Our CEO, Arnaud Darc, is particularly involved, not only as a sponsor, but also as a French foreign trade advisor. He leads the local section of the CCEF.
Commenting on the forum, Mr Darc says:“The France-Cambodia Business Forum 2024, organised jointly with the CCIFC, aims to strengthen economic relations between our two countries. We are organising workshops, conferences and B2B meetings to enable French and Cambodian companies to forge fruitful partnerships”.  

“In 2022, trade between France and Cambodia amounted to €1,362.9 million, showing significant potential for the development of new collaborations.” 

“We are also considering public-private partnerships (PPP) for infrastructure projects such as a wholesale market similar to the MIN at Rungis. The improvement in diplomatic relations between France and Cambodia is opening up significant economic opportunities. This creates a climate of trust

that encourages investment and trade. French exports to Cambodia in 2023 reached 170.9 million euros, representing an increase of 31% compared to 2022. We need to capitalise on this momentum to consolidate these relations and maximise the economic benefits”. 

“The trade mission to France in January 2024 was an enriching experience. We were able to make important contacts and explore new opportunities for collaboration. Exchanges with our French counterparts gave us a better understanding of the expectations and needs of potential investors. The lessons learned from this mission will guide our actions to attract more French investment to Cambodia, where French investment amounted to €649 million in 2022.The first France-Cambodia Business Forum in 2022 has had a positive impact, although some of these are still being assessed. Trade reached €1,362.9 million in 2022, a significant increase on previous years. The relationships established at the forum continue to bear fruit, but it’s still too early to fully measure all the direct and indirect impacts”.

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Oknha Kith Meng is a prime example of this desire to forge closer ties between the two countries, and is also one of the key supporters of this strategic event. According to the businessman who runs the Royal Group: 

“The solid relations between France and Cambodia had been supported for many years by King Norodom Sihamoni and the former and current Prime Ministers.Trade is also a key pillar of the relationship between our two countries, and I am confident that the volume of trade between our two countries will increase this year,” he said. 

Oknha Kit Meng, another partner of the forum


“France offers excellent expertise in the agriculture and electricity sectors. What we expect from this event are new investment projects and the continuity of ongoing projects.” he underlined.

In conclusion, the President of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce said he was “more than happy to support the event with the CCIFC and the foreign trade advisors, and is convinced that with the support of the French Embassy, this forum will become a solid mechanism for increasing trade, in line with the government’s strong desire to attract foreign direct investment”.,he added. 

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According to Cyril Girot, President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cambodia – co-organiser of the forum with the CCEF: 

“Given the conditions that are conducive to the development of bilateral relations between France and Cambodia, the forum is designed to transform the desire for closer ties, which we have already seen for several years and which has accelerated since 2022, into an economic reality. The forum will help French and Franco-Cambodian companies to gain a better understanding of the local market, which will help to increase the volume of business, as well as guiding Cambodian companies in their exploration of the French market. 

Cyril Girot, President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cambodia – co-organiser of the forum with the CCEF


“This 2024 Cambodian edition of the France-Cambodia Business Forum echoes the one we organised in January 2024 in Paris with the MEDEF, the CCIFC and the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce (CCC), and the 2022 edition held in Phnom Penh. The aim of these forums is to bring as many companies as possible to Cambodia to set up and expand their businesses.  

For existing companies, taking part in the Forum will give them an opportunity to improve their knowledge of the local market and to interact with the highest Cambodian authorities”. 

“One of the objectives of this forum is to act as a catalyst for economic development, by developing activities already present in the country, as well as bringing to fruition certain projects that are in the pipeline.” 

“Finally, through the organisation of this Forum, we hope to continue to raise Cambodia’s profile, promote its attractiveness and the quality of the framework put in place by the Government to welcome foreign companies and enable them to prosper here”.

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Finally, as a speaker at the forum alongside the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cambodia (CCIFC), Emmanuel Ly-Batallan, Head of the Economic Department and Economic Counsellor at the French Embassy in Cambodia, would like like to emphasise the opportunity for French companies to gain a better understanding of the Cambodian market. 

Emmanuel Ly-Batallan, Head of the Economic Department and Economic Counsellor at the French Embassy in Cambodia
“With this Forum, we’re trying to offer French companies already established in the Kingdom or coming directly from France, the most honest view of the Cambodian market, its potential, its possibilities and sometimes its limits and complexities. It’s all about bringing together Cambodian needs, French know-how and business commitments. The aim of the Forum is to give companies as close and as real an image as possible of the Cambodian market and, above all, to ensure that it meets their needs”. 

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