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Cambodia International Film Festival: Thalias and Culture, a never ending story

The Thalias group has always been keen to support the arts and culture in the Kingdom. For years, through the group-owned magazine Cambodge Mag, the group has been an exclusive media partner of the biggest film festival in Southeast Asia.

For the 12th edition in 2022, Thalias financed the restoration of archives on the late Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, giving rise to a brand-new documentary that deeply moved audiences when it was screened in the country’s best cinemas. Thalias also supported the screening of four other documentaries and helped organise the grand opening cocktail party at the Chaktomuk theatre. A great memory, a great contribution. 

For this thirteenth edition, which has just ended, the group’s contribution was less significant for scheduling reasons, but Thalias facilitated the screening of a reference documentary on fisheries: Lands of the Lake. 

It’s not a very recent documentary, but it’s still very topical in terms of the strategic aspect of this sector, because, through seven clips, it offers the opportunity to discover the fisheries of the Mekong, those of Cambodia and finally those of the Tonle Sap. It’s a chance to discover the many fishing activities on the river and lake, lifestyles, impressive catching techniques and to raise awareness of the major fishing gear and water infrastructures. 

Funded by the Asian Development Bank with a contribution from the European Commission, the film was directed by the editor of Cambodge Mag and produced by WorldFish.

For those who could not attend the broadcast during the festival, all the clips can be viewed on YouTube: 


“Lands of the Lake” or “Terres du Lac” or “Dey boeung”. 56mn long documentary made of 7 chapters. Theme: fisheries and infrastructure development in the Mekong Basin (the Tonle Sap perspective). Languages: English, French, Khmer (online: English version only). Director: C.Gargiulo. Scientific content: E. Baran. Producer: WorldFish Center, in collaboration with the Cambodia National Mekong Committee. This movie follows fish migration along the Mekong River down to the amazing fisheries of the Tonle Sap Lake. The influence of built structures on the water, on the environment, on fish and on people’s livelihoods is presented in particular through 3D animations. Chapters: Mekong fisheries; Cambodian fisheries; Tonle Sap fisheries; Built structures; Built structures and the environment; Built structures and fisheries; Conclusions. 

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