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Cambodia & Corporate Social Responsibility: Thalias supports Ermine Norodom’s work with children from Phnom Penh slums

Since its creation, Cambodge Mag (a brand of the Thalias Group) has supported Ermine Norodom’s work with children from the Boeng Trabek slums in the south of Phnom Penh.Over the years, this partnership has resulted in the production of hundreds of photos and videos highlighting Mrs Norodom’s efforts to lift these children out of poverty and give them a decent education.

After celebrating its tenth anniversary last year, Ermine Norodom’s Shanty Town Spirit association officially launched the Rose Club with the aim of providing financial support to the association and expanding its projects, thanks to its partners.Initially set up in January this year, the Rose Club is a way for the association to secure its projects financially over the longer term. 

Rose Club

By choosing Shanty Town as its ‘CSO’ (Cooperation Committee for Cambodia), these companies commit to supporting the association financially or through donations in kind to help it carry out its projects and increase the positive impact of each of them.Today, the association wants to help even more and offer new opportunities to families in the Boeung Trabek shanty town, particularly in the areas of health, education and the programming of activities and outings. 

Indeed, it is by working with its partners that the association is enabling members of the Boeung Trabek communities to gain access to university, work opportunities and training courses opening doors to their professional future and promoting independence.  

After helping two or even three families when it was first set up, over 300 families from the Boeung Trabek shanty town in Phnom Penh have been and are being supported by Ermine Norodom, her husband Prince Norodom Narithipong, their team of volunteers and the members of the Rose Club.  

Slums and problems

The problems in this shanty town are considerable, with a pile of rubbish and household waste that has grown steadily over time. Children and adults live within centimetres of this dump, multiplying
the risk of infectious diseases and creating an unbearably unhealthy lifestyle. But there is also an urgent need to repair and maintain these precarious dwellings, which pose serious dangers, especially as the monsoon season approaches. 

Ermine Norodom and her husband during the celebration of
the 10th anniversary of the NGO Shanty Town Spirit


One of the association’s priorities is to help children go to school. In these homes, where the daily income is less than US$2, any gesture is welcome. For the new school year, Ermine Norodom provides school bags and supplies. As for the pocket money, the children use it for their telephone, snacks and other small school needs. 

While the primary goal of the association is to create a healthy environment for these impoverished families and to get the children into school so that they can have jobs later in life, it is also important to be able to provide for their nutritional needs while they wait for better days. The association is therefore responsible for providing the daily rice for these six families. 

Help at school

The Bang Paoun Association also helps the children with their education. Ermine Norodom is one of the volunteers who run this association, which provides meals to families living in shanty towns and other disadvantaged communities in the district.  

So, with the aim of cooperating with 100 members by the end of the year, the Rose Club of the Shanty Town Spirit association aspires to solidarity, exchanges and family spirit.

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