The wait is over and we are delighted to welcome you back to Malis

We are thrilled to inform you we are now open for dine-in services seven days a week offering breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner.
Guests can now enjoy one of their favourite breakfasts in a cool, tranquil environment and at unbeatable value.
Cambodia’s Kuy Teav, noodle soup, is famed for its rich, delicious and nourishing properties and our chefs have gone to town so they can offer you a wide range of flavours to choose from, including our signature Kuy Teav with Pork and Prawn, as well as Beef, Pork, Fish Balls, Crispy Mee with Minced Beef, and Braised Pork Offal, all served with a tasty range of accompaniments so you can tailor the flavour to your own liking. And we have richer offerings too, with a deliciously aromatic and hearty Kuy Teav Khor Kor, made with a delicately spiced Beef Stew, and a wildly satisfying Kuy Teav Posjrouk made with Braised Pork Belly.
If there is a better way start to the day, we’re not sure what it is, and at just $4 for each deliciously filling bowl, we’re glad to offer this little bit of good news for all. Available every morning from 6.30am to 10.30am.
If breakfast isn’t your thing, you can always drop in during the day for a tasty Afternoon Snack, when you can enjoy a bowl of Kuy Teav Phaklov (braised pork offal noodle soup) or Kuy Teav Prosjrouk. Available everyday from 2pm to 5pm.

In fact it’s possible to enjoy great value at Malis no matter what the time of day. If you don’t fancy a soup for breakfast, there’s always the classic Bay Sach Chrouk Ang (grilled pork and rice), or Bor Bor Samchok (pork and seafood congee). Later in the day, refresh your senses with a vibrant Sour Chicken and Lemongrass Soup or go deep with a Saraman Beef Curry, perhaps Cambodia’s richest, most aromatic and flavoursome dish (in the eyes of some at least). Or you can go for the lively flavours of Tofu with Kampot Pepper and Ginger.
And there’s plenty more besides that. With its cool, air-conditioned environment, elegant but relaxing setting and attentive service, we hope that Malis can serve as a momentary escape from the uneasy world outside.

Malis is offering limited seating to accommodate social distancing measures, so reservations are highly recommended
Information and take away please call +855 15 824 888

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