Sommelier corner: Feudi Bizantini 8 Limited Edition at Siena

As the art of wine becomes increasingly popular in the Kingdom, we sought out a few rarities in the beautiful wine cellar of the Siena restaurant. The choice is so vast and sophisticated that it’s hard to choose, but the restaurant’s master, Giussepe Napolitano, admits that he has a special soft spot for an Italian wine that is definitely one of a kind. 

The Feudi Bizantini 8 Limited Edition 0.75L is a unique and exclusive wine from the Abruzzo region of central Italy

” This is a limited edition wine, only six thousand bottles will be produced for each vintage, and the winemaker will select only the best wine that has been aged in barrels. Out of 10 barrels, only eight will be bottled,” explains Giussepe, adding: 

” This beautiful wine is made from the Montepulciano grape, which produces a rich and full-bodied red wine. It has a very intense and elegant ruby red colour and a broad and complex bouquet, with fruity notes of plums, cherry jam and a hint of tobacco, accompanied by a subtle spiciness.’’  

‘’These characteristics contribute to a truly exceptional wine that is sure to delight the senses at any time of day. That’s why I love this wine, which I think goes perfectly with meat’’.  

The flavour profile of Feudi Bizantini 8 Limited Edition is equally impressive and quite original. The pronounced notes of dark berries provide a lush sweetness balanced by a well-defined structure. The wine is not overly sweet and its complexity and depth of flavour make it an excellent choice for wine lovers who appreciate a unique and different wine that offers both elegance and character. 


The beautiful wine cellar of the Siena restaurant

Feudi Bizantini 8 Limited Edition 0.75L stands out not only for its exceptional taste, but also for its limited availability and collectability. It is a limited edition wine produced in limited quantities, making it a rare find for wine collectors and enthusiasts. The exclusivity of this wine adds to its appeal and makes it a coveted bottle for fine wine lovers. Whether enjoyed on a special occasion or added to a wine collection, Feudi Bizantini 8 Limited Edition stands out for its unique qualities and exceptional craftsmanship. 

You want to taste this unique wine, please visit Siena Restaurant 

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