Thalias Group Unveils “Le Bleu de Prek Leap”

Pioneering the Cheese Movement in Cambodia

In a remarkable culinary, Thalias Group takes immense pleasure in introducing “Le Bleu de Prek Leap,” a pioneering product that marks a new dawn for the Cambodian dairy industry.

Charting New Territories in Cambodian Cuisine

Historically, the art of cheese-making may not be synonymous with Cambodian culinary practices, but THALIAS  is changing that narrative. With the introduction of “Le Bleu de Prek Leap,” we are not only diversifying the local palate but also creating a sustainable and innovative future for Cambodian dairy.

Crafting a local delicacy with global appeal :

  • Supporting Local Dairy Farms: Our commitment lies in bolstering the Cambodian dairy industry, providing a platform for local farmers to thrive.
  • Reducing Dependency on Imports: By creating a locally crafted product, we are taking a significant step towards reducing the reliance on imported cheeses, ensuring food security and freshness.
  • Innovating with Cambodian Flair: “Le Bleu de Prek Leap” is more than cheese; it’s the embodiment of innovation, crafted with a unique Cambodian flair that is waiting to be discovered globally.

A Vision for Culinary Sustainability

Thalias is steadfast in its vision to nurture the local dairy sector. With every slice of “Le Bleu de Prek Leap,” we are paving the way for a future where Cambodian-made products stand tall amidst imported alternatives.

Embracing the Locally Crafted Excellence

We invite you to join us on this gastronomic voyage, one that promises to tantalize your taste buds and introduce you to the unparalleled potential of Cambodian dairy craftsmanship.

Be a part of this groundbreaking journey with Thalias. Come savor the richness of “Le Bleu de prek Leap” and support local artisans and farmers. Let’s celebrate the innovation that Thalias is infusing into Cambodian cuisine and raise a toast to the locally, globally loved ‘Le bleu de Prek Leap”, a cheese that’s truly Cambodian at heart. We are experiencing the revolution in Cambodian cheese-making with Thalias and Topaz – where tradition meets innovation.

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