How to register your restaurant in just 8 days

A new guide from the Cambodia Restaurant Association shines a much-needed light into the maze of rules and regulations you need to be aware if your restaurant is to be compliant.

The Cambodia Restaurant Association has published a 150-page guidebook on setting up a restaurant business in Cambodia that is compliant with all laws and regulations, in just eight days. Titled “Create Your Restaurant Enterprise in 8 Days”, the guide offers a comprehensive map through the entire regulatory terrain of business licensing, registration and overall compliance concerning restaurant businesses in Cambodia. As such, it is an invaluable resource not just for those who are looking to set up a new business, but also for those who have established businesses but are confused by the current legal landscape.

The guide, which is available in English and Khmer, covers everything from registration, e-commerce compliance, taxation, employment, health and safety, licensing, fire safety, domain name registration, environmental protection and then Endowment Fund, and finally handicraft permits.

The comprehensive guide has broken down legal obligations according to the government department overseeing different aspects of running a business, and then goes into detail about the nature of those obligations, and how to comply with them. Flowcharts offer a visual representation of the processes, including the decisions that need to be made along the way, which helps enormously in seeing the proper way forward, and also to envisioning the end in sight!

The Cambodia Restaurant Association is a non-profit business association created in order to support the restaurant industry in Cambodia and to give a voice to their collective needs and concerns for the benefit of all.

We think this will be an essential guide for anyone and everyone in the business, and urge you to pick

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