Celebrating Father’s Day with some Wholesome Ideas

We show our love for our fathers every chance we get, but this year, we are giving dads one special day out of the year to celebrate their impact on our lives. If you ask us, Father’s Day couldn’t have come at a better time—it falls on Sunday, June 19, 2022. We’re sure your dad will think so too!

A father figure is someone that you feel able to turn to for advice and support and who generates emotions generally felt towards one’s father

As Father’s Day approaches, many of us will take this opportunity to honor a father figure in our lives. Personalized gifts are a great way to make someone feel special. After all, your gift is for that person who you see as a father figure in your life.

A wide range of gifts is available for Father’s Day, from affordable options to luxurious splurges. Whatever you choose, Dad will appreciate the thought that went into your gift. Here are some ideas and places to check out in Phnom Penh.

A Manly Pamper
Men visit their barbers for the same reasons that women visit beauty salons. They want to be pampered, get trimmed, and feel refreshed. Treat Dad to the ultimate in luxury by giving him a lather and a shave. Hot towels applied to your face before and during the shave opens up the pores, promoting circulation, and allowing for a closer shave. It also removes unnecessary dirt and oil from the skin, resulting in a rejuvenating effect.

If he already doesn’t take care of his nails, convince Dad to try a (man)icure and he will feel like a king. The cuticles are cut, the nails are trimmed, and many places offer a hand massage. Finish the day with a face mask and maybe even an ear cleaning for the final touch, and bam! Dad will feel like a new person and he may even hear you better!

Steak Day
Now that you are a fully grown adult, spending time with your father is an opportunity to make memories together. While some fathers may prefer a card, gift certificate, or toolset on Father’s Day, others enjoy being treated to a nice meal.

Grilled USDA Prime rib of beef cap-on with roasted marrow on the bone carved table-side for two people

If you plan on taking Dad out for dinner, look no further than a luxurious steak feast at Topaz. Make this holiday extra special by treating him to a place known for its steaks. Topaz has the place for French fine dining with many Michelin-starred chefs visiting over the past 20 years its been opened. Once he takes that first bite of his juicy slab of meat, dad will know just how much you appreciate him.

Mini Golf
Historically, golf has been the recreational activity of choice for many fathers. It provides an opportunity to get away from home life while maintaining a leisurely pace, taking in the outdoors and enjoying a cold beer. For young children who find a full golf course daunting, consider the miniature-golf course at Birdie’s Mini Golf in Phnom Penh. Located at Diamond Island Park on Koh Pich (Diamond Island), the 18-hole course is a great place for competitions and friendly rivalry. If you don’t have kids, then drinking and aiming a club at a small ball towards a small windmill can be a VERY fun activity to do in the evenings.

Ice Cream

A scoop of chocolate or strawberry ice cream is an excellent way to start a conversation with dad. Take the time to catch up with his life and connect with dad while enjoying a sweet treat.

If the weather is nice, feel free to enjoy your ice cream outside and soak up the rare sunny weather of the monsoon season. Any dessert will do, Korean Bingsu and Khmer corn porridge are also nice to bond over with dad. Who says you can’t eat desserts in the rain?

Green Thumb
If your father loves to garden, you might consider spending some time outside with him tending to his greenery. Getting dirt under your nails, clipping leaves and watering plants can be great ways to spend time together. No one even has to say a word, the work towards doing something together to provide life is a beautiful experience you both can share together.

Planting a tree together can also create a bond and be a therapeutic experience the share. So do something productive and plant a tree!

Task Away
If Dad has a creative side, plan a project you can do together. If he sees himself as the family handyman, you could help him fix something around the house. Always wanted to learn more about car or moto repair? Gather some tools and work on a car together.

This activity is a great way to learn a new skill and bond with dad over doing something productive.

Known at the turn of the century as ‘Kep Sur Mer’ – an exclusive seaside getaway www.knaibangchatt.com
Known at the turn of the century as ‘Kep Sur Mer’ – an exclusive seaside getaway www.knaibangchatt.com

Relaxing in the great outdoors—is there any better way to spend Father’s Day? Whether you’re camping off the grid or in the backyard, he’ll appreciate relaxing and enjoying time with family. Just keep in mind during the rainy season, camp on high ground. Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri are pretty popular areas to camp or a trip to coastal areas like Kampot and Kep, maybe more fun.

While you are at it, offer him a quiet day on the water as a suggestion. Surprise him with an early morning ride to a lake or river where you both can spend hours talking about life while catching supper! The waters will be pretty high due to the rains, so the chances of reeling in a fish are great. You may even catch the legendary Mekong giant catfish, the largest ever caught was 293 kg. Recently, Cambodian fishermen in the Stung Treng province in northeastern Cambodia caught a large freshwater stingray weighing over 180 kg. So remember to bring your best bait and strength for this father’s day adventure.

Learning about Ancestry

On Father’s Day, make it a point to ask Dad more about his experiences as a child, and learn about the lives of your ancestors. Many Cambodians who lived through the Khmer Rouge regime are reluctant to discuss what happened. There were individuals who lost loved ones during those years, families were separated, and survivors had to start over.

But each father holds many memories of the family inside himself. Learning about the family history is a good way to get to know your father and discover where you came from.

Another way to discover more about family history is to go through old photo albums together and ask about each picture. This way can uncover stories about the past through nostalgia.

Making Memories

If you are not near your father or have no photo albums, sending a family portrait can help him feel connected to you. You may be at an age when you have children and would like to preserve a memory with them. A good memory can be made by printing a photo and hanging it on the wall or fridge, rather than saved on a phone. So every time you see that photo, you will remember the great times you had fishing, planting trees, or eating desserts together.

Written by Sotheavy Nou

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