Building Cambodia’s Wine Knowledge—We’ll Drink to That

Last month, the specialists at the brand-new Monsieur Wine & Beyond in Treellion Park hosted a wine-tasting workshop guided by Robinson Marguerite.

Around plates of cheese and charcuterie, the 15 guests sampled a selection of five wines (two whites and three reds) while learning their history, origins, flavour profiles and most advantageous pairings. The regular tastings are part of the company’s mission to create amazing and unforgettable experiences for all wine lovers in Cambodia, and the world.

Robinson Marguerite, one of the managers of Monsieur Wine & Beyond

The one-and-a-half hour session included an exploration of the subtleties and mysteries of French wine, bolstered by exercises proposed by a brilliant wine teacher.

A very pedagogical tasting

The exercises helped the guests to dig into the wines’ qualities and begin to recognise their distinct aroma, colour, transparency, texture and finally, taste. They also helped to lighten and render accessible a vast, and intimidating, subject, and questions flew from guests who were keen to learn more.

A very educational tasting

Always concerned with detail during his presentation, Robinson didn’t miss one of the key phases of properly enjoying a bottle of wine: how to open it. But he also took his students on a comprehensive journey through the geography of wine, including favourable climates, regions and conditions that determine the quality of a wine, as well as the ageing process, bottling, labelling and even the quality of the cork.

A very attentive audience…

Only open for just over a month, Monsieur Wine & Beyond already has grounds for optimism. The wine bar is located in Treelion Park in a beautiful and spacious space of almost 200 square meters where visitors will also find a boutique, and private room that can be hired for private wine-tastings.

…both among women and men

There will of course be more public tastings to come.

For further information, contact: Ms Ky Lyden on +855 (0) 93 942 189

Adapted from an article in Cambodge Mag

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