Thalias Hospitality

Our core values at Thalias

In order to succeed in its mission of being recognised as the premier hospitality group in Cambodia, Thalias had to define a set of values that reflect our mission, direct our actions and underline all our relationships. We had to examine who we are and where we want to be. This helps us to make decisions and to select team members who best reflect our core values in order to create a harmony of thought and action, people who want the best for themselves and the best for everyone they work alongside and serve.

chefs team at Topaz

We embrace responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with our service-driven spirit. By actively supporting causes like poverty reduction, environmental protection, child welfare, diversity, and inclusion, we not only do what’s right but also strengthen our company and contribute to a sustainable future.

We champion integrity

Our conviction lies in the power of great management, guiding everyone effectively in all aspects of our work.

We relentlessly pursue excellence

Our continuous drive for improvement involves questioning and challenging ourselves and those around us, fostering an environment where everyone’s talents and passions thrive.

We spark change for growth

In a world that’s always evolving, we unite to lead with a clear vision, determination, and adaptability. This empowers us to refine, innovate and transform, propelling growth and progress.

We treasure our people

By dedicating ourselves to mentor and support our leaders, we set a powerful example for them to follow. This approach extends to our team members, guests, and customers, creating a cycle of care and consideration that benefits all.

we treasure our people
Our team member at Khéma Go Bred Bank

Just like you, your team members will embody remarkable qualities that make them stand out:

  • KINDNESS — always considering others in our actions
  • CURIOSITY — fueled by an insatiable eagerness to learn and boundless horizons
  • OPTIMISM — finding the best in those around us
  • ETHICS — unwavering dedication to doing what’s right
  • SELF-AWARENESS — reflecting on our actions and striving for improvement
  • COMPASSION — understanding and supporting others’ needs wholeheartedly

We firmly believe that teams built upon these values lead to harmony, happiness, and productivity, and our proven track record stands as a testament to this.

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