Thalias Hospitality

Arnaud Darc

Founder and CEO of Thalias Hospitality

Arnaud Darc is a seasoned hospitality professional with over two decades of experience in Southeast Asia. Arnaud's career began in Cambodia in 1994, where he served as a cost controller and purchasing manager for Accor Hotels. Seeing the potential for growth in the hospitality industry in Cambodia and Thailand, Arnaud founded an import-export and distribution business, as well as a Franco-Thai fine-dining restaurant and gourmet retail outlet. Over the years, Arnaud has owned or co-founded several high-end restaurants, including The Butler, Amanjaya Pancam Hotel, KWest, and Cyrano.

Arnaud recognized the growing demand for high-quality hospitality in Phnom Penh and launched several successful ventures, such as Malis, Topaz, Café Sentiment, and Baithong. He is currently the CEO of Thalias Group, overseeing more than 500 employees and managing several restaurants, including Topaz, Malis, Khéma, Arunreas, and GO Bakery.

Arnaud is a respected leader in the hospitality industry and has served in various leadership roles, including President of the Cambodia Restaurant Association, Vice-President of the International Chamber of Commerce, Co-Chairman of the Government Private Sector Forum Working Group on Law Tax and Governance, and President of the French Foreign Trade Advisors Committee in Cambodia. He also sits on the board of directors of the Professional Institute of Excellence, the Academy of Culinary Art of Cambodia, and the Cambodia Tourism Federation. Arnaud was the President of the European Chamber of Commerce from 2017 to 2020 and the President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia from 2014 to 2017. In recognition of his contributions to the industry, he was awarded the title of Knight of “L’ordre du Mérite National” by the French government.