Thalias Hospitality

Arnaud Darc

Co-Founder and Strategic Leader of Thalias Hospitality

Arnaud Darc, alongside his business partners, has been instrumental in shaping the hospitality industry in Southeast Asia over the past three decades. Known for his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial flair, Arnaud began his journey in Cambodia in 1994, initially making a mark with Accor Hotels before launching his own ventures.

Cultivating Thalias Hospitality
Together with his partners, Arnaud co-founded Thalias Hospitality, nurturing it into a prominent hospitality group. Their collaborative efforts led to the creation of celebrated venues such as Topaz, Malis, Khéma, Go Bakery, Siena, Nham Eylov, Santepheap in the food service industry and Arunreas in the hospitality industry. They also spearheaded the launch fine dining off-site catering services to the burgeoning demand for high-quality dining experiences in Phnom Penh.

Leadership and Recognition
Arnaud serves as the CEO of Thalias Group, where he and his partners oversee a dedicated team of nearly 500 employees across their various stores, restaurants and hotel. His leadership extends beyond daily operations as he has held influential roles such as President of the Cambodia Restaurant Association, Vice-President of the International Chamber of Commerce, and Co-Chairman of the Government Private Sector Forum Working Group on Law, Tax, and Governance.

His efforts, along with those of his partners, have garnered significant accolades, including being named as one of Cambodia’s Top International Voices and earning the ‘INTERNATIONAL LEADING BRAND – CAMBODIA’ award at the ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2023. The French government also recognized Arnaud with the Knight of “L’ordre du Mérite National,” a testament to his impactful career.

A Commitment to Collective Success
Arnaud Darc’s professional story, shared with his co-founders, is a narrative of collective vision and mutual dedication. Their leadership not only propels Thalias Hospitality to new heights but also significantly contributes to the broader community and industry.