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Toast the New Year at Topaz

Topaz Restaurant Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Toast to the New Beginnings at Topaz Embrace the New Year with an unforgettably luxurious celebration at Topaz. We’ve been weaving together a little magic, a few bubbles and a lot of gorgeous flavours for this New Year’s Eve at Topaz. With a seven-course menu featuring luxurious crab, Arctic char, finest foie gras and our chef’s magnificent double-take on feuilleté of veal and plenty more too, prepared for an evening of the sheerest pleasures and indulgence at Topaz. Seven-course meal at just $120 net per person or $200 net with wine pairing. Happy New Year! Reservations strongly recommended. Please call: 015 821 888, or book via MENU ***** 120 USD net per person 200 USD net with wine pairing ***** PATIENCE Roulé de concombre à l’avocat et au crabe Cucumber wrapped crab with avocado * George Duboeuf, Grande Réserve Brut, Crémant de Bourgogne * ***** LE POISSON Omble chevalier sur fondue de poireaux Crisp-skinned Arctic char with leak confit * Hugel Gewurztraminer Estate 2015 * ***** RIS DE VEAU Croustillanat de ris de veau et foie gras aux Feuilleté of veal sweetbreads and foie gras, sauteed baby button mushrooms * Georges Duboeuf, Juliénas Cuvée Prestige 2015 * ***** TROU NORMAND Granité de mangue verte et trait de vodka Grey Goose Green mango and Grey Goose Vodka granita ***** LE PLAT PRINCIPAL Filet de faisan farci au foie-gras truffes et trompettes des morts, confit de légumes racines Pheasant fillet stuffed with foie gras, truffles and black chanterelle, served with a confit of root vegetables * L’Abeille de Fieuzal, Pessac-Léognan 2016 * ***** LE FROMAGE Brie de meaux aux truffes d’hiver Baked truffled Brie de Meaux * L’Abeille de Fieuzal, Pessac-Léognan 2016 * ***** LE DESSERT Financier pistache noisette, crème légère à la framboise Hazelnut and pistachio financier with an airy raspberry whipped * Château Filhot, Sauternes Grand Cru Classè 2003 * ***** Sélection de thés, cafés et infusions Collection of teas, coffees, and infusions

Khéma Valentine’s Dinner 14 Feb 2022

KHÉMA Khema Restaurant, Cambodia

Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s day with a romantic dinner for two at Khéma. With your hearts in mind, Khéma’s chefs have created a sensuous menu of smooth, rich, sweet, and creamy flavours that will leave you swooning this Valentine’s Day.  Getting off to an electrifying start with a Lobster salad, the menu then lowers the volume with a Beef broth with foie gras Royale, followed by sweet, luscious Slow-Cooked Lamb Chops and rounded off with a magnificent Chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis centre.  Discover our full menu below and book your table now for Monday, 14 February on  KHÉMA VALENTINE’S DAY MENU  Monday 14 February 2021  $95 net per couple    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT  La salade de demoiselle du Mékong sur lit d’haricots verts  River lobster and green bean salad  SEDUCTION  Consommé clarifié de bœuf et Royale de foie gras  Double consommé beef broth with foie gras Royale  THE EMBRACE  Carré d’agneau rôti sa farandole de légumes d’été  Oven-roasted rack of lamb with a classic selection of garden vegetables  SWEET TEMPTATION  Mousse chocolat noir et son coeur de coulis de framboise  Chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis centre  AMOUROUS ENDING  Sélection de thés, cafés et infusions Collection of teas, coffees, and infusions 

It’s crêpe week at Khéma!

KHÉMA Khema Restaurant, Cambodia

Thin, light and supple... it can only be French Crepes! Every year in February, French people celebrate La Chandeleur, or Candlemas, with a huge crepe party. This year, we invite you to celebrate it all week long with delicious savoury crêpes on our Free flow lunch menu at Khéma. Our all-inclusive offer features unlimited servings of lunch items and beverages from a set menu including our fabulous crêpes from January 30th to February, 3rd. Our exceptional free flow lunch is available from 11am to 3pm all week long at US$14.5++ Price is in US dollars and subject to a 7% cover charge and 10% VAT Don’t hesitate to book your seat now at: Khéma Pasteur, 163 Pasteur St. (51), Phnom Penh Khéma La Poste, Preah Ang Eng St. (13), Phnom Penh Khéma Flatiron, Flatiron by Meridian, 28th Floor, Phnom Penh Khéma Angkor, Wat Bo Village, Sala Kamroeuk, Siem Reap

Valentine’s Day at Topaz – Taste the love ❤️

Topaz Restaurant Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

 TASTE THE LOVE ~ VALENTINE'S DAY  We're bringing all the love to Topaz to celebrate Valentine's Day! Taste your love around a romantic dinner planned for you. We have created a divine menu, crafted intricately and filled with delicious dishes that are sure to amplify the love for those closest to your heart. Book your table now for the 14th February. Discover soon the menu Topaz with Love ♡ -----------------------------------  TASTE THE LOVE ~ VALENTINE'S DAY  តូប៉ាហ្ស រៀបចំប្រារព្ធទិវានៃក្តីស្រឡាញ់ ជូនលោកអ្នក! សូមអញ្ជើញមកស្គាល់រសស្នេហ៍របស់លោកអ្នក និងទទួលទានអាហារពេលល្ងាចយ៉ាងរ៉ូមែនទិកដែលរៀបចំសម្រាប់លោកអ្នក។ យើងខ្ញុំ បានសម្រិតសម្រាំងមុខម្ហូបដ៏ប្រណិត ឆ្ងាញ់វិសេសវិសាល បន្ថែមក្តីស្រឡាញ់ចំពោះអ្នកដែលនៅក្នុងបេះដូងអ្នក។ សូមកក់តុឥឡូវនេះ សម្រាប់ថ្ងៃទី ១៤ ខែ កុម្ភៈ។ បញ្ជីមុខម្ហូប នឹងចេញក្នុងពេលឆាប់ៗនេះ។ តូប៉ាហ្សពេញដោយក្តីស្រឡាញ់ ♡ #TasteTheLove #FeelTheLove #LoveTopaz #DayOfLove #ValentinesdayTopaz #RomanticTopaz #RomanticDinner #FineDiningRestaurant #PhnomPenhRestaurant

Valentine’s Day ~ Love is your nature

Malis Resturat MALIS RESTAURANT, NO. 136 NORODOM BLVD, Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

♡ Love is your nature ♡ An unforgettable Valentine’s Day dinner in the Cambodian restaurant Malis. Come with your loved ones out for a night of passion and romance. ​ Surprise your Valentine with a romantic dinner under the stars and indulge in a charming 5-course gourmet dinner. Choose between the intimacy of the garden dining or the cosy room dining area.​ Set Menu is $65 net per person including a welcome glass. Discover soon the menu... Make your reservation: +855 15 814 888 ♡♡♡♡♡♡ អាហារពេលល្ងាច នាទិវានៃក្តីស្រឡាញ់ដែលមិនអាចបំភ្លេចបាន នៅភោជនីយដ្ឋានម្លិះ សូមអញ្ជើញមក ជាមួយមនុស្សជាទីស្រលាញ់របស់លោកអ្នក នារាត្រីនៃក្តីស្រឡាញ់ដ៏សែនរ៉ូមែនទិក។ ពញ្ញាក់អារម្មណ៍អ្នកជាទីស្រឡាញ់ ជាមួយអាហារពេលល្ងាចដ៏រ៉ូមែនទិក ចំនួនបួនមុខដ៏មានឱជារសឈ្ងុយឆ្ងាញ់ ក្រោមពន្លឺនៃតារានិករ។ សូមជ្រើសរើសរវាងកន្លែងទទួលអាហារក្នុងសួនច្បារ ឬក្នុងបន្ទប់ប្រកបដោយផាសុក។ អាហារឈុត មានតម្លៃសរុប $65 សម្រាប់ពីរនាក់ រួមទាំងភេសជ្ជៈស្វាគមន៍ផងដែរ។ Make your reservation: +855 15 814 888 ♡ Love is your nature ♡ #FeelTheLove #RomanticTopaz #LoveTopaz #ValentinesDay #CambodianLove #Cambodiancuisine #Cambodianrestaurant #PhnomPenhRestaurant #SiemReapRestaurant #ValentinesMenu #Malis #ThaliasHospitality

Feel the love at Khéma

KHÉMA Khema Restaurant, Cambodia

 FEEL THE LOVE  No matter how you say it, Valentine's Day is the time to let loved ones know just how much they matter. Whether you are a couple madly in love, a family looking for a delicious meal, or a group of friends, we have you covered with an amazing French menu made with love.​ Feel the love at Khema on the 14th of February. Our menu is $59 net per person. ​ Discover soon the menu...​ Reserve Now: +855 15 841 888 មិនថាអ្នកនិយាយយ៉ាងណាទេ ទិវានៃក្តីស្រឡាញ់ គឺជាពេលវេលា ដែលឱ្យមនុស្សជាទីស្រឡាញ់របស់លោកអ្នក បានដឹងពីទំហំនៃក្តីស្រឡាញ់របស់លោកអ្នក។ មិនថាអ្នកជាគូស្នេហ៍ ក្រុមគ្រួសារស្វែងរកអាហារឆ្ងាញ់ ឬជាក្រុមមិត្តភ័ក្តិ យើងខ្ញុំ ផ្តល់ជូនលោកអ្នកនូវមុខម្ហូបបារាំងដ៏អស្ចារ្យដែលរៀបចំដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់។ យល់ស្នេហ៍នៅខេមា ថ្ងៃទី ១៤ កុម្ភៈ។ តម្លៃសរុប ៥៩ ដុល្លារ សម្រាប់ម្នាក់។បញ្ជីមុខម្ហូប នឹងចេញក្នុងពេលឆាប់ៗនេះ។ Reserve Now: +855 15 841 888  FEEL THE LOVE  #FeelTheLove #Romantic #ValentinesDay #Couples #Love #SpecialMenu #Khema #ThaliasHospitality

Cuisine des cinq: a five star dining feast at Topaz

Topaz Restaurant Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Experience the splendor of "Cuisine des cinq", a five-star dining feast at Topaz on 26th September 2023, starting 6.30pm. Indulge in an unforgettable six-course menu crafted by our talented Chefs including Sopheak Pov, Chanrotana Sun, Panharith Hak, Giuseppe Napoletano, and Phyra Hem. Celebrate the finest of French and Cambodian gastronomy at $135net per person, with an additional option for wine pairing at $75. Secure your seats now and immerse yourself in a night of unparalleled flavors and enchanting ambiance. Bon appétit! 


The Taste of Tradition : 8 hands Chinese Chef
Experience an unparalleled dining
adventure with our four master chefs, specializing in Chinese
cuisine, who artfully craft an array of distinct flavors.

15TH DEC | 6:30PM